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Pura Vida! Abundance Retreat  

Rejuvenate Your Body and Create Your Abundant Future!
March 1st - March 8th 2020 
Private Villa Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Pura Vida! is a saying that Costa Ricans live by; it means "pure life".


Imagine living life with the feeling of pure joy each day.   What would that look like for you?  During this retreat, you'll be exploring what it is that truly makes you happy, and what dreams & desires you want to fulfill. You'll discover what you want, and you'll define these desires in compelling detail.  You'll uncover the beliefs that limit you from attaining your dreams, and learn how to replace them with new ideas and actionable steps to begin manifesting your "Pura Vida".   

Imagine living with abundant self-confidence, abundant self-love, abundant joy, abundant health, & abundant wealth.  


Life is fleeting; you deserve to live the life you desire, YOU create your destiny! 

Reservations closed for this retreat.  For upcoming retreats email:

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Event Info

Your Hosts

Karen Quiros

B.S. Natural Health, Licensed Nurse, Travel Agent, Certified Health Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Yoga Alliance Instructor, and certified SoulCollage® and Chakradance™ Facilitator


My heartfelt mission is helping others discover how they can heal and maintain balance in their body, mind, and spirit.  My gift is the ability to pinpoint where the imbalance is that’s causing discomfort or dis-ease, then create an individualized plan of healing using a select fusion of nutrition, breath work, conscious awareness, meditation, movement, energy healing, and creative exploration.

In my workshops, you may explore where your body has trapped energy and then learn how to connect your breath to these areas and invite the release of energy in a gentle, permanent way. Through movement, you’ll align and balance your energy centers to facilitate healing of the mind, body, and spirit.  You’ll discover how your language affects every aspect of your life, and how to modify it for your highest and greatest good.  You’ll gain an understanding of how your vibration or energy field dictates your health and successes, and how to raise your vibration to enhance your life. Through simple shifts in nutrition, you’ll explore foods that enliven, nurture, and heal the body. Using creative exploration, you’ll tap into your innate wisdom and hear the gifts of knowledge waiting for you. 

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Kellie Dearman

Certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master 

I am passionate about yoga and the way my practice is consistently deepening and maturing over time as I incorporate this comprehensive spiritual practice into my life. This ancient practice has taken me on a journey to find a deep sense of inner peace and connection that I can draw on at any time. My goal as a teacher is to help each person discover a connection to their deepest self, their innate sense of Being.

I am a certified hatha yoga instructor with over 5,000 hours of teaching experience. I LOVE teaching breath-centred, gentle hatha yoga and meditation at my home studio as well as other locations in Eastern Ontario.  My key teaching strength is my ability to adeptly offer multiple variations for every pose, while encouraging my students to first and foremost listen to their inner guidance. 

Since I began teaching in 2005 I have facilitated over 20 yoga retreats and various workshops. I also deliver private and small group mindfulness/trauma sensitive practices for individuals dealing with PTSD and other stress-related conditions.

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Gentle hatha to ease
your body and mind

Hatha yoga allows us to delve into our bodies and really pay attention to what is happening. With slow, introspective movement, and awareness of how the breath and body intersect and interconnect, you'll discover your physical self perhaps in a way you've never really noticed before. Learning to love our physical strengths and be considerate of our weaknesses allows us to develop a more compassionate relationship with ourselves. When the body is strumming and the breath is flowing, our energetic body speaks to us and, if we tune in, we can learn to see ourselves as more than just our bodies, thoughts and feelings. 


Reiki to release stress and promote healing

The International Center for Reiki Training describes reiki as "a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.
It is administered by "laying on hands" and treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Many have reported miraculous results."
We encourage you to experience the reiki session included in this retreat.  



Ancient wisdoms and modern music, for healing

CHAKRADANCE is a dance practice for body and soul. It’s a powerful experience that will free and energize you. It combines spontaneous dance, guided imagery and music to promote that wonderful state of calm vitality known as “well- being”. The music is the key, as it resonates deeply with each in turn of the seven major chakras – the energy centers that integrate and regulate our physical, mental and emotional energies. Many who have experienced it claim it has transformed their lives for the better; others, simply that they enjoyed it hugely.

Date & Time

Arrival is at 4:00 pm Sunday

March 1, 2020

Departure is at 8:30 am Sunday 

March 8, 2020

Costa Rica take me away!


Delicious chef-prepared Costa Rican meals.  

Sign me up! I ready to manifest my abundant life.

The Villa

Our Private Villa - A Sanctuary for the Soul

An intimate yet spacious facility, our private Villa is located within a gated resort community just south of Tamarindo, located a short way from the Pacific coast, in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. Imbued with lush green mountainsides, blue ocean waters, plentiful sunshine and with its accessible location, this private villa is the perfect destination for our retreat. Only minutes away from beaches, kayaking, horseback riding, surfing, zip-lining, nature hikes, shopping, restaurants and more, our Villa offers the perfect balance of privacy with access to all that Costa Rica has to offer.

This unique villa will host only our group.   We'll have exclusive use of the entire property and its facilities, which include a private pool, spacious living suites, beautiful shared areas both indoors and outdoors, and a lovely common area for yoga and activities. 


  •  Located within a gated upscale community, our Villa offers plenty of privacy.  All the rooms are suites and sleep from 1-4 people with ample space.  The building is beautifully maintained, with our own concierge who knows the area intimately. We'll be so well taken care of in Paradise! 

  • Adventurous Excursions: From horseback riding, to zip-lining, kayaking the mangrove estuary or visiting leatherback turtles in the nearby Las Baulas National Park, or an 18-hole golf course right at our door, there are plenty of exciting activities to explore each afternoon during free time. Our concierge will help us arrange small or large group activities with independent excursion companies (excursions are extra).

  • Soul Nourishing Food: Our personal chef will create nourishing Costa-Rican style food to suit every palate. We'll enjoy most of our meals in comfort within the Villa, but we'll also make a couple of excursions into town for lunches or dinners (at own cost).

  • Holistic Healing treatments: If you choose, our concierge can arrange for any kind of treatment to be given, right in the comfort of our Villa or at the nearby resort.  

  • The Beaches: Our Villa is located just a short walk or bicycle ride from a beautiful beach club with full access to the stunning beaches of Guanacaste. There are three beaches close by, as well as the larger beach in the resort town of Tamarindo, about 15 minutes away.  

A little bit about Costa Rica

Beautiful Costa Rica rests between two continents and two oceans, the central point linking the North and South Americas, bordering Nicaragua in the north and Panama in the south. The east coast meets the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean lines the west with an abundance of lush tropical rainforests, mountains, volcanoes, white water rivers and waterfalls in between.


It’s no wonder the makers of Jurassic Park chose Costa Rica for their filming location! Situated just 9 degrees north of the equator, Costa Rica has a balanced 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night, with the sun rising around 5:30-6:00am and setting at 5:30-6:00pm.


North America’s winters coincide with Costa Rica’s summers, making it a perfect get-away in the cold months. Costa Rica’s year round temperate climate generally ranges from 70-80 degrees during the day, dropping down to 55–65 degrees at night, those numbers being a little bit higher here in Guanacaste, along the west coast. 

Check out the full details here.



This luxurious Villa offers 8 spacious suites that can sleep between 2 and 4 people. Each luxury suite offers it’s own air conditioning, which is so important during this hottest time of the year in Costa Rica, a 40” flat panel TV, high speed internet, safe, mini refrigerator, coffee maker, iron/ironing board, large showers, towels, beach towels, robes, hair dryer, and your own sitting room and balcony…and that was just the suite!  The common areas include large kitchens, comfortable couches, a 55” TV, stereo music system, a wet bar, washing machine & dryer.  There’s plenty of space to relax and enjoy.

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Full Details Here

Retreat Details:

Price includes a 2:00 PM pick up at the Liberia International Airport on March 1st 2020, full use of our private Villa, lovingly prepared Costa Rican meals daily, (with the exception of two dinners, and one lunch during the excursion option) all juices and fresh fruit smoothies, 3 days transportation to and from the Hacienda Pinilla Beach Club, transport to and from Playa Tamarindo for two dinners, the Villa's private pool, use of bikes to traverse the property, villa staff tipping, hotel tax, and return transportation to the Liberia Airport on November 22 at 8:30 AM.  Check in Sunday, March1st @ 4:00 PM, check out Sunday, March 8th by 8:30 AM.   

Extra Costs:

• Dinner in the beachside town of Tamarindo on two fun evenings

• Hacienda Pinilla Beach Club ($10 per visit but can be applied towards drink/lunch at the Club Restaurant)

• Excursions

• Recommended Travel & Medical Insurance

• Departure tax if your airline ticket didn't include it, approx. $29 ** Most tickets include this.

• Massage appointments, approx. $40/hr


Optional Excursions (Can be booked through our Villa Concierge) 

• Horseback Riding
• Kayaking in Mangrove Estuary
• Zip-lining
• Surfing
• Wildlife Tours
• Sunset Catamaran Tours
• Golf...and many more

Can't wait to go. Sign me up!

Important Final Details

Investing in an international retreat is a big decision! We want to make sure you have all the information you need to book this retreat and feel safe moving forward. Please read the information below, and then, when you are ready, click the REGISTER NOW!  

Booking Airfares
We recommend that you book airfares once the retreat has reached its minimum number of registrants. When we hit that number, we will advise you that it is now time to look for flights.


Travel Cancellation Insurance
Make sure to protect your investment in yourself and this retreat. We recommend that you get travel cancellation insurance once you've made the decision to book. 


In the Event of Retreat Cancellation 

In the unlikely event that minimum numbers have not been met by December 1st, 2019, which is the date the final payment is due, your retreat payments will be refunded. 

Refunds & Missed Payments

Your deposit and all payments are non-refundable. Missed payments will result in cancellation of your registration and loss of all payments made.

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