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Friends by the Lake

Inner Tapestry Retreat

Unravel the Beauty Within
October 27, 2023  
AM - 3:00 PM

Seating is Limited

Overlooking Greenport Harbor at the:
Greenport American Legion Burton Potter Club, Inc.
102 3rd Street, Greenport, New York

(This location is not ADA accessible)

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In the rush of life, have you ever craved a sanctuary? A place where time slows, and the spirit awakens? Introducing "Inner Tapestry" - an extraordinary half-day odyssey designed to unearth the treasures buried within your soul.

Let yourself be mesmerized in a world unlike any other, tailored to inspire relaxation, introspection, and imagination. This isn't just another event; it's an intimate journey to the deepest corners of your essence.

With expert guidance, you'll be led through a series of artful and therapeutic activities, allowing your creative juices to flow and your spirit to take the forefront. Whether you're an artist or someone looking for a refreshing escape, "Inner Tapestry" promises an experience that transcends the mundane, awakening your intuitive side.

But it's not just about creation – it's about connection. Amidst the serenity, you'll also find fellowship. Join like-minded souls, share stories, and become part of a tapestry that's interwoven with shared experiences and revelations.
No need to bring anything but yourself and a snack and drink. We provide all the materials and the ambiance, ensuring your journey is effortless and profound.

Reserve your spot and step into the embrace of "Inner Tapestry". Let the metamorphosis begin.

After enrolling, your spot is secured. Because of this, we might have to turn others away, making payments
non-refundable. If you can't make it for any reason, consider offering your spot to a friend.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Greenport Harbor, Karen begins our retreat with an introduction to SoulCollage®, an intuitive collage method inspired by Seena Frost. Guiding you on an enlightening path of self-reflection. You'll engage deeply as you choose evocative images, create one-of-a-kind collage cards, and reflect on them. Attendees will discover personal insights and narratives through thoughtful contemplation and shared dialogues. This portion of the session concludes by honoring the dedication and insights gained.


As our journey heads towards its grand finale, Dr. LoPresti introduces you to revitalizing breathing techniques, Tai Chi's elegance, and Qigong's healing practices. Diving into this oasis of techniques tailored to combat stress and embrace the transformational essence of mindful self-healing. Culminating with a tranquil Guided Qigong Meditation, you'll leave imbued with serenity, clarity, and a renewed spirit. 


Benefits & Experience Highlights

Abstract Planet


Discover, integrate, and celebrate the many facets of your being.

Paint Cloud


Craft personal visual narratives that capture your unique life journey.

Soothing Bell


Engage in activities that promote presence, focus, and tranquility.

All Hands In_edited.jpg


Connect with a community that uplifts and understands



Walk away with a renewed sense of self, clarity, and purpose.

Ship Harbor

Hosted by Karen Quiros and Dr. Marilyn LoPresti


Karen is a wellness advocate, retreat leader, 3x best-selling author, and positive psychology coach. She resides on the picturesque East End of Long Island, where she has distinguished herself as a beacon of hope and guidance for women battling chronic illnesses.

Over a 23-year career, Karen's workshops and retreats, complemented by her work at Balanced Wellness Consulting, have transformed countless lives. She shares the essence of becoming self-reliant in one's healing journey, blending her personal triumph of curing herself of systemic and discoid lupus with her extensive background in nursing, natural health, nutrition, positive psychology, quantum biofeedback, mindfulness, and yoga.

Beyond Long Island's serene shores, Karen broadens her reach to the vibrant landscapes of Costa Rica. There, she facilitates transformative workshops and retreats using her signature program, the Happiness Compass©, SoulCollage® and Chakradance®.

Connect with Karen:

📧 Email:

🌐 Happiness Compass© Course

📸 Instagram: @lupusphoenix

Dr. Marilyn A. LoPresti

Integration of Mind, Body, Energy, and Spirit. 

Dr. Marilyn A. LoPresti is a 37 year Breast Cancer survivor, with many set backs along the way, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and more.  Today she teaches Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Guided Meditation, Strength Training, and Low Impact Aerobics. Dr, LoPresti is the founder and Master Instructor, of North Fork Bodies In Motion, LLC.  She has dedicated her company, and the classes that are offered, to individuals of all walks of life, sharing what she has learned and practiced along the way.  Countless students, some with health, physical, and emotional problems, have benefited from attending these classes.  In addition, many seniors are enjoying a more productive retirement by learning balance and functional power and strength techniques.


On a personal level, Dr LoPresti is a Second Degree Black Belt. She practices and teaches Tai Chi, Qigong, Qigong Meditation, and has visited and performed for the Grand Abbot, at the Shaolin Temple, China.

Dr. LoPresti has been featured on the cover of Look Long Island Magazine, has been interviewed and featured in the Suffolk Times, and the NoFoLive program, and has been requested to speak and demonstrate at many community programs. 

Dr. Marilyn A. LoPresti, Ph.D. North Fork Bodies In Motion, LLC

Motivational Speaker, Second Degree Black Belt

Master Tai Chi Instructor and QiGong Instructor

Walk15 Aerobics, Master Level Instructor, Master Key Qigong , 100 hrs Meditation, Guided Meditation,Functional Power Training for Older Adults

Dr. Marilyn A. LoPresti, Ph.D

631-599- 9518

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