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Welcome to Balanced Wellness Consulting where getting your health back on track is the number one priority.  Your body is designed to heal, and I am committed to your healing and require you to be equally as committed. 


Healing begins with a desire to heal yourself, then believing that you can heal yourself, and finally committing to the healing process. 


This questionnaire is designed to give you clarity before we have our Get Acquainted Call together.  It will also help me understand you better and how best I can serve you.


These questions may be deeper than most questions you answer in your day-to-day life.  Believe me, you’ll begin to appreciate this focus and honesty once you witness the transformations it can bring.  (In fact, I can always spot the people who are NOT ready for clarity when they don’t send me the questionnaire back!  They avoid clarity like the plague!)


Please fill this out at least 48 hours before your call.  Please note that you are NOT eligible to have your Get Acquainted Call with me unless I receive this questionnaire back.  (Sorry!  I require a high level of accountability!  I find that people appreciate me for it!)


I’m so excited to talk with you!



Please check the top 5 areas you feel you need the most help with:

Alternatives to Current Wellness Plan
Breathwork Instruction & Support
Lifestyle Tips
Weight Control: Gain/Reduction Planning
Clarity of Goals / Objectives
Mindset Change Support
Nutrition Guidance
Skills to Enhance the Healing Process
Symptom Reduction Techniques
Fitness Planning
Creating New Habits
Fatigue Elimination
Attitude Shift
Improved Focus
Meditation Training
Mood Stabilization
Pain Reduction
Meal Planning
Self-Care Planning
Stress Reduction
Yoga Instruction

Thanks for submitting!

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