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Vision Board Workshops

Creative dreams become reality. 

Vision Board creation is a tool to gain clarity of our deepest desires and goals.  Taking our thoughts, desires, and dreams and giving them a stage to express themselves.  Appreciating and connecting with our board daily keeps us on the path of taking action towards accomplishing these goals. It’s a way of staying focused and in alignment with our desires. 


A fusion of ancient wisdoms and modern music, for healing and wellbeing.

Whether we are conscious of them or not, we all have chakras - bright wheels of energy, spinning within our bodies. We have seven major chakras, and each of them has a different function and energy. And, while they exist within our bodies, their influence extends far beyond the physical.

SoulCollage® Workshops

Self exploration opens the door to healing.

Through creative exploration we 

tap into our intuitive self. SoulCollage® connects us with our innermost feelings and prompts self-expression through the creation of collaged cards. The process is immensely healing, powerful, extraordinary, fun and life-changing. 

Creative Explorations
Manifesting Desires

Watch the video below then contact Karen to schedule a private workshop: