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Vision Board Workshops

Creative dreams become reality. 

Vision Board creation is a tool to gain clarity of our deepest desires and goals.  Taking our thoughts, desires, and dreams and giving them a stage to express themselves.  Appreciating and connecting with our board daily keeps us on the path of taking action towards accomplishing these goals. It’s a way of staying focused and in alignment with our desires. 


A fusion of ancient wisdoms and modern music, for healing and wellbeing.

Whether we are conscious of them or not, we all have chakras - bright wheels of energy, spinning within our bodies. We have seven major chakras, and each of them has a different function and energy. And, while they exist within our bodies, their influence extends far beyond the physical.

SoulCollage® Workshops

Self exploration opens the door to healing.

Through creative exploration we 

tap into our intuitive self. SoulCollage® connects us with our innermost feelings and prompts self-expression through the creation of collaged cards. The process is immensely healing, powerful, extraordinary, fun and life-changing. 

Creative Explorations
Manifesting Desires

Watch the video below then contact Karen to schedule a private workshop:

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Soul Collage®


What is SoulCollage® ?

SoulCollage® is a magical, spiritual tool for personal growth created by Seena Frost, it combines the fun of collage with your own inner wisdom.  In SoulCollage® an individual creates a deck of collaged cards, each one a separate aspect of their life journey.  Learn more from the video below:

The cards are made from magazine images,  5” x 8”  mat boards,  glue,  and a precious blend of one’s imagination and intuition.  YOU DON’T NEED TO BE AN ARTIST TO DO THIS!!


Through writing, visualization, and other activities, we are invited to step deeper into each card and discover how it relates to our own life’s journey and inner wisdom. 


SoulCollage® workshops are available for both private and group events. SoulCollage® is a beautiful way to spend time together at family gatherings, engagement celebrations, bridal or birthday parties, reunions, or just about any event you can create.   


Retreats are a fabulous option for learning SoulCollage® or for adding to your personal deck.  Spending time with and for yourself in a sacred community setting promotes a deeply nurturing self-care ritual that's unmatched.  Retreats can be as simple as an overnight workshop, or can be 3 days, or a week long.  Call me to schedule a private retreat 631.284.9945, or check my events page for upcoming workshops & retreats:   EVENTS

SoulCollage® is a creative and fun process that will awaken and surprise you. No artistic ability is required. During your retreat, you’ll be creating your own deck of SoulCollage® cards, each card representing one aspect of your personality. You’ll be joyfully deepening your understanding of the relationships between the different aspects of your personality, between you and your family/community/world, your dreams, symbols and Spirit.  

Upon completion of your deck, you will journey into the images of the cards and do a SoulCollage® reading. This reading illuminates and provides understanding of the personal and powerful card images that YOU have created, finding out how they speak to you.  Seena B. Frost, the founder of SoulCollage® says that “Images have a way of bypassing the chatter of our logical minds and nudging our deep Soul wisdom where intuitive answers can be found and spoken. Doing a reading in a supportive, small group is especially powerful because Souls love the silent embrace of witnesses.”


The structure of the process encourages you to develop and share your unique gifts and wisdom with others, explore your creativity, trust your intuition, and join a community that holds and fosters acceptance, creativity, inclusivity, diversity, integrity, mutual encouragement, community & cooperation. 

SoulCollage® Hints
Hints (Not Rules!) for Creating SoulCollage® Cards 
by Seena B Frost


It is not important for the picture to be technically or aesthetically satisfying, but merely for the fantasy to have free play and or the whole thing to be done as well as possible…..a product is created which is influenced by both conscious and unconscious, embodying the striving of the unconscious for the light and the striving of the conscious for substance. ~ C.G. Jung, Portable Jung, p. 290


1.  Each card should represent one energy, one of your guides, allies, or challengers. Often this means there is one primary image on a card with supporting symbols.


2.  Have all your cards the same size and shape so they can be held in a deck, and so you will not recognize who a card is from its back. Be consistent in the material used for the base... such as mat board, or something thick enough not to warp.


3.  Do your first cards by collaging directly on your blank card so you have a sense that less is more.


4.  Both left brain and right brain are involved. In the case of some images, you will know what the energy is from the start. More often you will not consciously know what the meaning is, and that’s okay too. Hang out in the “Don’t Know Mind” and watch what manifests. Sometimes much later, in readings, the message bubbles up.


5.  You can collage on your cards either vertically or horizontally, whichever way fits your images.


6.  Take time to carefully cut out an image and put it on a new background. Use sharp scissors or an exacto blade on a cutting board.


7.  If you choose to include the background that is already around your image, tearing it out instead of cutting can make a vibrant and interesting edge.


8.  Sometimes, though not usually, you may want to use a picture exactly as it is, with no collaging. In SoulCollage® this is okay, if it is for your personal use and not shared publicly.


9.  It’s better not to collage words on to your card as it defines and limits the intuitive wisdom that the card may give you in the future. If there are words as part of an image you may cover them up with another image.


10. There are many kinds of glue. Use really good, archival glue sticks. Eventually glue your pieces down well. You can use a brayer to smooth them down. As you construct you may want to fasten down very lightly. Use a frame the size of your card to help organize your images. Sometimes just part of a very large image will work well on your card, and the frame can help you see what part.


11.  Eventually, put backings according to suits on your cards after you have discovered in which suit they belong. Difficulty in distinguishing between Committee and Council is the main problem people experience. Wait to glue on backings until you are sure of the distinction between these two. The backings can be wrapping papers that complement each other.  Make sure the pattern on the paper is such that you will not recognize what card it is from its backside. Also don’t put writing or quotes on the back. Use a journal for that. If you don’t want to do backings you can use stickers to distinguish the suits. (Some SoulCollagers never mark the backs of their cards with the suits at all, and that is okay too!) Back the Source card and the other two transpersonal cards, if you have them, with yet another pattern.


12.  It is better not to decorate cards with sequins, feathers, etc., as you will want cards to lie flat so you can shuffle them and spread them out for readings. Also don’t have pieces that stick out off the edge of the card, creative as that may be.


13.  Putting a permanent finish on cards is always an issue. Cards represent parts of our Soul and are ever capable of transforming, so we want them to be accessible and able to reflect change. You may want to paste on top of an image later on, or add new images. Never discard cards; we can’t discard parts of ourselves. But some cards that no longer have any energy for you, or seem to be irrelevant or repetitive of other energies, can be put away in a reserve deck. Then, if and when that ally or challenger resurfaces, you can locate it and put it back in the deck. Some people cover their cards with a light acrylic varnish so the edges don’t come up. Another good solution is the thin, plastic bags that exactly fit the card. They protect well, look fine, and can easily be slipped off for reworking.


14. Find a box or container for your cards so they can be carried easily. But have a place in your home where cards can be displayed. Find a daily way to honor your guides, and work with them. Draw from your deck.  Journal. This is Soul work, and not to be tucked away and forgotten for weeks. The SoulCollage® App on iTunes lets you keep your cards with you on your iOS device for sharing and readings.


15. Finally, even after you’ve made a hundred cards and think you are playing with a “full” deck, watch for images that grab you, and find time to create new cards...or add to current ones. Let it be your personal and living SoulCollage® Deck!


© 2006, 2009, 2016 Seena B. Frost Permission for reproduction is granted to SoulCollage® Facilitators

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