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10 Reasons To Create A Vision Board

1. Creating a Vision Board inspires us to clarify what we truly want for our life. Our dreams can become our reality. How often do we put our desires first? Although it feels fabulous putting the needs of others first, our soul is aching for us to listen and fulfill its purpose. We’re busily running around meeting deadlines, keeping appointments, focusing on our careers, or tending to family responsibilities, and we keep dreaming... “One day”. “One day” I’ll visit that vacation spot, or “One day” I’ll start my own business, and maybe “One day” I’ll fit into those clothes again. A Vision Board keeps our dreams front and center….and “One Day” becomes TODAY.

2. Creating a Vision Board changes our limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs can prevent us from reaching our goals. Using a Vision Board to reframe our limiting beliefs keeps us laser-focused on attaining those goals and facilitates the shift in our beliefs.

3. Creating a Vision Board keeps us “Living in the Vision” of our successful life. When we envision ourselves in our ideal life, doing what we desire, we’re creating the “happiness vibration” within us. How do we feel when we’ve accomplished a goal that we’ve worked toward? We feel excited, joyful, energized, successful…that’s the energy of happiness, maintaining that vibration attracts more of the same.

4. Creating a Vision Board and keeping it visible reminds us of our accomplishments and how far we’ve come in attaining our dreams. When we look at the images on our Vision Board each day, we’re able to see our accomplishments, this motivates us to stay focused on our goals. We’re able to “see” measurable results as the images on our Vision Board become our reality.

5. A Vision Board is inspiring, it can be likened to having a life coach by your side cheering you on. We can all lose our focus from time-to-time, maybe we had a bad night’s sleep or we’re overworked and tired, triggering our motivation to wane. When we look at our Vision Board it can immediately snap us out of it and perk us up, prompting us to stay the course. It’s the spark that jump starts us when we’re lacking joie de vivre.

6. A Vision Board reminds us to incorporate self-care each day. In our task oriented lifestyles, it’s can be challenging to set time aside for self-care. If one of our goals is to live a healthier lifestyle the words or images can remind us to take time for ourselves.

7. A Vision Board assists us in creating our dream life. We can design our Vision Board focusing on one goal, or it can represent many goals. For example, an upcoming wedding plan, the Vision Board can be filled with images and words depicting our ideal vision for our special day. There is no limit, a Vision Board can be created for our business, retirement, garden, health, or travel plans, etc. The Vision Board can categorize images depicting our goals for a satisfying home environment, family, fun & leisure plans, money goals, personal growth vision, health, etc. If you can envision it, you can live it!

8. A Vision Board instills confidence, which imparts an “I Can” attitude towards our goals, forever… this is life changing. From the moment clarity is attained to the moment the vision has manifested, (and onward) we’re learning, we’re growing and we’re believing in ourselves and our ability to create our destiny.

9. A Vision Board excites our senses, aligning us with our reality. When we visualize our ideal life, we employ our senses. Visualizing ourselves in our desired outcome consequently revs up our vibrational energy. This feeling of success raises our vibration, like-attracts-like.

10. Vision Boards are Life Changing, Vision Boards Work!

Karen Quiros, thrives on the east end of Long Island and offers life changing workshops and retreats on Long Island and Costa Rica. For more information, or to contact Karen for a personalized workshop or retreat you can email her at:

Karen Quiros, B.S. Natural Health, Licensed Nurse, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Holy Fire II, Karuna, & Usui Reiki Master Teacher, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Instructor, Vision Board & SoulCollage® Facilitator

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