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Have You Defragmented Yourself Lately?

There’s power in identifying which Archetypes are influencing your life. There’s a sense of lightness, peace, and healing that takes place when you’ve identified and honored your personal Archetypes. SoulCollage® is the key to opening the door to discovering, honoring and celebrating all the parts of yourself.

How’s your mother archetype expressing herself? Are you the Loving mother, the Overprotective mother, the Nurturing mother, the Working mother, the Stepmother, the Surrogate mother, the Mother in Waiting, or have you experienced all of these at some point or another in your life? How has each of these archetypes played a role in influencing who you are today?

Has your child archetype been able to express herself lately? Which child archetype would you most like to make a SoulCollage® card for to honor that child and give her the attention she needs, or needed once upon a time? Is she the Angry child, the Innocent child, the Wounded child, the free spirited Nature child, or is she the Divine child? You are not limited by adjectives, you create a card for that part of you that wants to be acknowledged. I created a SoulCollage® card for my Eternal child, the one that loves to live life happily and carefree.

We are magnificent multifaceted personalities and during our lifetime walk through phases of archetypical patterns. Creating SoulCollage® cards for each archetype allows them to safely express themselves and have their moment of acceptance, expression, and celebration. Just reading that gives you a sense of freedom, doesn’t it?

Our conscious mind likes to tuck things away… we tell ourselves I’ll deal with that later, or tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. Only to discover that we’ve never addressed it….ever! This buildup of unresolvedness creates an energy that may manifest into an illness, and emotions that desire expression. Akin to a computer that needs to be defragmented to run optimally; except for us the fragments can manifest as anxiety, insomnia, anger, depression, frustration, obsessions, addictions, disconnection, isolation and illness. It is essential that we continually defragment ourselves to maintain a healthy balance. That’s where SoulCollage® comes in. Through the creative process of SoulCollage® using image selection, card creation and readings we honor all the many wonderful parts of who we are. Sometimes we intuitively create a card, and other times we purposefully create one. The practice of reading our cards in community allows our intuitive self to express that which we may not experience when reading our cards alone.

If you’re interested in learning more about SoulCollage® and how you can experience this powerful creative healing practice, please email or call me at:, 631.284.9945. I look forward to sharing this precious practice with you.

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